Hello and Welcome!  Thank you for visiting my little corner of the web.  Random Oddities grew out of my fascination with Tillandsias, more commonly known as Air Plants.  They are truly unique in the plant kingdom in that they do not need soil to grow.  Instead water and nutrients are absorbed through the hair-like trichomes on their leaves.  What little root systems they possess are used as anchors only, to attach to other objects such as branches or rocks.  There are over 500 different varieties in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors with more being discovered every year.  Native to South America, Mexico and the southern United States, their diversity helps them thrive in a wide range of environments such as deserts, mountains, woods and rain forests.

Tillandsias also make great gifts!  I design a variety of terrariums, hangers, zen gardens and holders from different mixed media to highlight their beauty and uniqueness.
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