Plant Care

Caring for our tillandsia friends is pretty easy, just remember the basics:

Light – Bright, but filtered.  Grow indoors near a bright window or outside in shade.  Limited direct sun in summer, late spring or early fall.  Full spectrum fluorescent lighting is perfect for winter months or in an office setting.

Water – Thoroughly wet your Tillandsia (air plant) 1-3 times per week; more in a hot, dry environment, less often in a cool, humid one.  You can soak your plant in a bowl or heavily mist it.  I find the easiest way to simply pick it up and run it under the kitchen faucet.  Shake off excess water, let air dry and place back.  Remember Tillandsias get all their nutrients through their leaves, not roots like normal house plants.  If you want to really spoil your plants, save rain water for their watering needs 🙂

Temperature – 7-35C, 45-95F

Fertilize – Monthly during spring, summer and fall, using any high quality fertilizer at 1/4 the recommended strength.  Or you can use a good bromeliad fertilizer.

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